Weird & Unusual Pennsylvania Places

Hauntingly PENNSYLVANIA™ Revisits the Smurl Haunting
What really went on in this West Pittston home?

DeBUNKED! What the Aitch Is Happening in Raystown?
Army Corps of Engineers denies drowning town residents - and with good reason.

Greene County Historical Society
Where the Paranormal is Normal

Is This York County Log Cabin Haunted?
The Dover Paranormal Research Team graciously shared its investigation notes and collected evidence with Hauntingly PENNSYLVANIA™. Be prepared to be amazed.

DPRT Shares Another Case
Lancaster County's Columbia Market House & Dungeons

DeBUNKED! Congelier Mansion (the most un-haunted house in America)
Rubbish research and repeated errors are the only scary things about this Pittsburgh ghost story.

The “Hanging House” of Delaware County
Coincidence... or curse?

From A Hauntingly PENNSYLVANIA™ Reader
The Haunted Hoffman House of Havertown

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