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Egg Hill Church & Cemetery

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Q uite a few "ghost hunters" have listed Egg Hill Church in Potter Township, Centre County as a hotbed of activity ranging from dark and disturbing "feelings" to hovering apparitions. These claims all spring from a much-evolving story about a crazy pastor and his supposed killing of an entire congregation.

This haunting, as our British friends might say, is bollocks.

There are no newspaper accounts of murders occurring at Egg Hill Church. The current structure was built in 1860. Had there been a horrific mass killing, it would have been covered not only in local papers but also by national newspapers like the New York Times which was established in the 1850s.

There is no evidence that the community shunned the church - in fact, notices of various religious and community groups holding retreats there are plentiful in 20th Century newspapers.

There are no documented "victims" of a mass murder. If the congregation all died on the same day and were buried in the cemetery would there not be a group of tombstones all bearing the same death date...?

In short, there is nothing credible about this story and those who perpetuate its distribution are the cause of great destruction to a recognized historic landmark. A few examples: an attempted burglary in 1995; a break-in in 1998; the theft of the church bell in 2003.

Egg Hill Church sits on private property and constantly fights to reverse the damage done by trespassers and paranormal investigators who should not be there in the first place.

Of other webmasters Hauntingly PENNSYLVANIA™ asks this: please be responsible internet citizens and remove Egg Hill Church from your list of haunted Pennsylvania locales. 💀

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