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Human-Like Creature "On All Fours" Stalked New Jersey Man in 1909

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T he woodlands thirty miles east of the Pennsylvania/New Jersey border were the scene of strange and terrifying sightings in 1909.

The horror began in mid-January. A traveling salesman encountered what he described as a half-man-half-wolf creature in the forest surrounding Mount Hope. He rushed to town to tell authorities about the blood-curdling howls he'd heard and the wild man who'd burst out of the woods to chase after him. His claims were dismissed with some suspecting he was doing more drinking than selling while traveling his route. Two weeks later, however, a second and strikingly similar report reached nearby Dover, New Jersey. This time, it was taken seriously.

On January 28, local resident John Nee was hunting with his dog when they both heard what Nee at first thought was the baying of another canine. The man and his hound soon realized something far more frightening: the unearthly howling was actually coming from a human-like creature speeding toward them on all fours. Its long, wild beard and hair flowed behind it as it approached.

Nee's dog lunged toward the creature. The wild man charged toward the dog which, wisely, turned tail and ran. To Nee's relief, the man-like beast also galloped off, still running on all fours.

Dover's Marshall Bryan never doubted John Nee's sincerity. The man was clearly still shaken by the encounter. The next day, Bryan led a search party of men and dogs into the Mount Hope woods, but their hunt for the New Jersey wild man proved unsuccessful. 💀

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